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At ElectroMedical Solutions, we only use the latest in technology and performance when it comes to our pain therapy equipment. Our state-of-the-art equipment is easy to use, durable and comes with world-class customer service.

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Conductive Garments

Traction Products

Lumbosacral Orthotics (LSO)

  • Cinch-Loc™ LSO Brace

    The Cinch-Loc™ LSO provides constant lumbar and abdominal support and protection for the healing back. Rigid anterior and posterior panels work together to stabilize the lumbar sacral region and relieve pressure from the spine, holding it in a healthy, correct posture. The hydrostatic lift reduces the load on the lumbar discs and often provides immediate pain relief.

  • System-Loc® LSO Brace

    The System-Loc® LSO provides intra-abdominal muscle compression and provides a lift to hold the weight of the abdominal area. By lifting and holding the weight, pressure is relieved from lumbar discs, reducing the associated pain.

  • FLA V-Loc™ LSO Brace

    The FLA V-Loc™ LSO helps alleviate pain and speed rehabilitation by providing effective stabilization and unloading on the spine. Rigid anterior and posterior panels stabilize the spine, restrict range of motion and control pelvic tilt and rotation.

  • SR-500 Ambulatory Air Traction Belt

    The unique and innovative design of our device will provide continuous therapeutic relief on the go that will allow you the freedom to return to a carefree active lifestyle Unlike other traditional support belts that limit mobility to the spine, the thin and light weight design of the SR 500 is patented expandable air-traction system is designed to mold to the natural curvature of the lumbar spine to offer a high degree of mobility as well as support while assisting with active-rehabilitation.

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