A lay man may think of a surgery as an operation for the organs residing in the brain or torso. However, a surgery is quite different. They have the face a lot of problems while conducting a surgery such as tennis elbow, torn rotator cuffs, carpal tunnel syndrome and much more.

It becomes important sometimes to stretch out arms in order to operate properly on the tissue, muscles and joints. The operating staff does the job efficiently and safely via using arm tables. For instance, the patient is firmly placed on a table constructed in an hourglass shape with arm perpendicular to the body. The shape of the table facilitates the surgeon to access the affected area.

The arm table used by the surgical staff can also be legless to add to the mobility. This helps the surgeon to get right inside without any fear of shifting the arm.

When it comes to hand surgery, surgeons always prefer a hand table that’s strong and has efficient fastening option to side rails or non slippery legs is used to provide enhanced stability for surgeries taking place in a small and delicate area. Since, the muscles and joints of the hand are more compact as compared to the arm, the surgeon needs to be sure about the stability of the working area. Hand tables are excellent when it comes to ensuring proper positioning the surgery extremely. Most hand tables are radiolucent. This facilitates imaging during the surgery.

A multi-purpose hand surgery tables are a must-have for any orthopedic practice.

A “hand surgeon” totally depends on a hand surgery table in order to place the patient’s arm at right angles to the body perfectly.

When purchasing a hand surgery table, you need to take good care of the fact that the table is light-weight and provide easy storage capabilities. The table also needs to be radiolucent. This means that it should help in taking X-ray is via the table itself.

Make sure that the table is stable enough for use in various microsurgical procedures. This is really crucial because any kind of movement or vibration can obstruct the whole procedure. The height of the table should be adjustable. The surgery table also needs to be easily maneuverable, as this feature ensures enhanced versatility.

It is extremely necessary for a surgical hand table to be user friendly. The market place is full of various types of efficient hand surgery tables with best of features. Some of the tables are available with a unique polypropylene top that’s lightweight. These tables are available with stainless steel fasteners.

As already discussed, hand surgery tables make most difficult procedures easy.

Most hospitals prefer using these tables as these are perfect for delicate human instruments such as hands and arms.

When choosing operating tables; shapes and sizes should be properly kept in mind and opted as per the procedure. Hourglass tables are known to provide good amount of space for different instruments. Other kinds of tables that work well include legless tables that lock into a side rail. These tables are perfect for radiology exams and C-arm imaging.

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